Obstetric ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of your developing fetus. We use this information to track the progress of your pregnancy and to help predict your delivery date.

During your pregnancy journey you will have a series of ultrasound appointments that will allow us to track the progress of your baby.

From your initial visit, Dr Rajit Narayan who is a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist (MFMS) and Specialist O&G, performs your ultrasound scans in-rooms. This is an invaluable service for high-risk patients and we are the only O&G clinic on the Central Coast offering in-room ultrasound performed by a MFMS.

We offer a personalised service from pre-to-post pregnancy, to ensure that you are healthy and comfortable during this special time in your life.

An ultrasound will help us​:

What happens during the ultrasound

During the ultrasound, you will be on the bed, usually on your back. The sonographer will apply a warm ultrasound gel to your abdomen and move a device called a transducer around your belly to get an image of the fetus.

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